So, heading into 2017 I was torn – I could do┬árun every day January, or go vegan for January, or give up chocolate and cheese and the indulgences of Christmas?

You see, I am the kind of girl who wants to DO ALL THE THINGS and I have very little time to do so, I am also painfully aware of the fact that big lifestyle changes are generally doomed to failure when done as a single challenge. So 2017 is going to be different – this is the year of side quests! Twelve separate month long challenges to help me finish 2017 a slightly healthier, cooler, more interesting version of me.


Why side quests? Well, because in all of this I’m trying to bear in mind that I have a life to lead, I have more important things to get done, and the world doesn’t end if I don’t achieve every one of these every day. The task is fun (hopefully) the reward is useful (perhaps) but the stuff I do in meeting these challenges probably won’t be life changing. These are the optional extras, the side quests.