Song choices and a general update

This update is a bit late but for week two my songs were as follows:

7. Strange Fruit
8. Crazy Man Michael
9. Union Miners
10. The Topman and the Afterguard
11. Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)
12. Hard Times
13. I Choose to Live (Creeper)

For my weekly song I recorded Union Miners in fitting with a slightly political theme. It’s a song I learned from my Dad many years ago hearing him sing it at our local folk club. It warns all good mining lads to “keep your hand upon your wages, and your eye upon the scale”, and enthusiastically encourages all to stand with the union to protect against the evils of greedy mine owners.

But I was also inspired to include a bonus song.

I had spent the weekend at Download and one of the many bands I was excited for was Creeper. I knew a handful of their songs and had just missed out on tickets to their last gig in Birmingham so I was super excited to get a chance to see them live. In particular I could not wait to hear them do Suzanne ; the drama, the energy, it’s everything I live for in a band! And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. But I was somewhat surprised by their song choice for finishing off their set.

Lots of bands that weekend made mention of the tragic events in Manchester and London, but this was the one that hit hardest for me. Will, the vocalist, spoke from the heart about how in the wake of terrible things each of us has a choice to make about whether to let fear rule us or whether to stand up and live. Hearing thousands of voices lift and sing “I choose to live” was an incredible experience and filled me as much with joy and hope as it did with tears.

It won’t surprised anyone to learn that I carry stories of mental health pretty close to my heart and as I listen to the lyrics I can’t help but think of those people for whom “I choose to live” is such a difficult statement to make, not an assumption, but a real and brave choice every day. I felt inspired to learn the song myself, to carry the message with me and to share it with others. If you want to hear my version then have a look here.


In other news: I’ve started running again! It kind of disappeared for a while, but my own mood has been pretty pants recently so last night I gave myself a kick up the arse and laid out my running clothes ready for the morning (I even posted my intentions on the RED group on Facebook, cos they are still a fantastic and supportive bunch all these months later, just so there’d be someone to hold me to account if I didn’t do it) and this morning when my alarm went off at 6:20….

…I hit snooze. But THEN at 7am I got up, got out the door, and went for a 3km run! And this morning my clothes are laid out, the alarm is set for 6am (optimistic, I know, but I have to get into work early) and I’m gonna do it again!




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