Yes, I am useless

AKA – getting back to questing.

So, I pretty much managed my water quest, and then it was getting towards the end of April, and then before I knew it, it was May, and I hadn’t picked a new quest yet! And then it was 2 weeks into May and I still didn’t have a quest, so I started referring to it as a “consolidation month”, which also didn’t really work, because to be honest I have barely stretched, or ran, and I’m pretty certain I haven’t been drinking enough (I had to uninstall the plant nanny app because my phone is being pants).

BUT tomorrow it’s going to be June. Which is a great chance to jump on the next quest, and one thing that I have recently been enjoying again is singing! So my plan is this:

-Sing every day

-Sing a different song every day in the month

-One song each week should be a new song that I did not know before

-Once a week record my favourite song from that week (and upload to the great wide interwebs, including this here blog)

I have an incredibly ancient facebook page for my music which I have not touched in ages and hopefully this new quest will provide me with some more materials for the page and re-engage me in the folk scene a bit. So yeah, not all of the songs will be folk music, but you can be pretty sure most of them will be.


Generally in other areas of my life: I had a birthday, I entered another pole competition, friends said they noticed my increased bendiness in my audition piece so clearly the stretching has been having some impact, and next week I’ll be going to Download Festival!!!! Haven’t fully thought through how I’ll manage the quest with being at the Festival, might have to include singing along to bands as some of my singing perhaps?


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