Hydration quest update

It’s been a damn good week!

I grew this thing:


Look at that cute little virtual plant!

Basically when it comes to the drinking side of things I’m right on track, and actually growing that silly dandelion has actually saved me money because when I’m out of the house I tend to opt for tap water over fizzy drinks or other options because I don’t count the other things in my water intake! And you know if I can’t record it on an app it’s not even worth doing lol.

Aaaaanyway, the actual impact of that seems to have been pretty good, I’m genuinely finding myself feeling less lethargic during the day, though the sunshine has also helped a lot with that. This week I have managed something active every single day; about 4 hours worth of pole training, a couple of hours of jitsu, and a total of 23kms run!

The water intake has actually gone hand in hand with a couple of other changes which I’m trying to keep up with (though I’m not making them specific quests this month) – I have managed to start getting some fruit into my daily diet. Usually any purchase of fruit, no matter my good intentions, just ends up with mold in the fruit bowl. But this time I have got into the habit of grabbing something from the fruit bowl every time I leave the flat and eating it as I walk, which has meant I’ve ended up having a couple of bananas or pears every day!

On top of that I have started wearing make up more regularly (to be honest, wearing make up more than once a week would be more regular than my usual habits, but this time I mean pretty much every day) and starting an actual skin care routine, which is something I have never done.

Feels like a lot of changes, and on top of that keeping up the stretching, and taking advantage of the sunshine to get back into the running, I’m a very busy lady right now, but rather than taking away from the other stuff I have to get done (namely uni) it’s helping me feel more motivated and giving me more energy to do that, and I feel GREAT for it! Hopefully that is more than enough motivation to keep this one going.


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