The Quest for Hydration!!!

It’s the first of the month which means time for a new quest (old quest update at the bottom of this).

I seem to live my life in a state of constant dehydration, I’m one of those people who can easily get to dinnertime without having a single drink (or if I do have something it’s likely to be a cup of coffee) if I don’t make an effort. Last weekend I had two days of pole competitions and despite the fact that I was nervous and active all weekend I didn’t finish a bottle of water on either day! One of my much more sensible team mates was actually horrified by this so I’m taking her advice and going to start drinking properly.

I was going to set my goal at one litre per day, but I’ve downloaded Plant Nanny to help me keep on track in the most adorable way possible and once I put my weight in it told me I needed to be drinking two litres! So I’m going with that. I’m only going to count water and squash, I won’t count coffee or tea towards it.

Off to a half decent start, I’ve managed day 1 without a problem, but it did feel like a LOT of drinking!!!


As for stretching, I haven’t really felt any advantage, however, I have been chatting with people who know a lot more about flexibility than me (very bendy pole dancing buddies, and my sister who happens to be a bendy, yoga loving, physiotherapist) and have decided to go for a change of tactic – I was wearing myself out and demotivating myself trying to do lots of different stretches every day and was only holding each one for 30-60secs, whereas what I am told may be more beneficial is to hold for 30, rest for 10, hold for 30, repeat many times (4 or 5). So for now I’m going to try doing that a few times a day but just with my lunges and one or two others. Splits quest – not quite a fail, I did the stretching required, but it didn’t really get me where I was hoping. The quest continues!


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