The Quest for Splits – 20 days gone!

Phew it’s been a hectic 20 days! Can’t quite believe we’re more than half way through the month, but somehow we are, and here’s me with next week off and no holiday booked yet, need to get that sorted.

Anyway, splits! There was a very definite goal this month, which I don’t feel like I’m getting much closer to. I’ve been stretching every day (except for two, which I shall optimistically call ‘rest days’ – one was because I was travelling and the other was cos I was drinking!) and I can definitely see a difference in my stretches. They’re much deeper and I don’t use the blocks as much now. The actual splits are still a long long way off but the more important purpose was making me look a little bendier and more relaxed for my pole routine, and THAT is going fabulously!

Last night we had a pole showcase at uni which I used as a dry run for my competition routine and the pictures I have seen from that show my legs being much straighter all the way through it, and I wasn’t particularly thinking about them much besides remembering to point my toes.

I will put the obligatory progress pics here but I don’t think they show much at the moment (I’ll do a before and after at the end of the month and maybe I’ll be surprised then?)




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