The Quest for Splits – 1 week in

Yes, I’ve been stretching myself for a whole week. Eight days, including today, of stretching morning, noon, and night…or more realistically; getting in a decent stretching session at a convenient point in the afternoon, and then occasionally squeezing in an extra few before bed.

I’ve been sticking mostly to the stretches in this guide by Blogilates, but I have tended to add in some of my favourites too (not least of all because I also want to open up my straddle a bit and that guide is focused on front splits).

I’ve also been running again. On Saturday I did a lovely 8.2km run with a mate of mine and when I got back I really enjoyed having a long leisurely post run stretch. Being the lucky person that I am and having Monday as a study day I did the same again on Monday to give myself a little bit of time away from the computer – 6.8km run and then a good stretching session.

And I bought yoga blocks! (see image above, I’m a little bit in love) OMG I cannot believe the difference they have made. I am not usually someone who buys into the extras, but I found in several of the stretches I am just not bendy enough to touch the floor, and not only did that make it tricky to get a decent stretch, it’s also demoralising 😦 but having the yoga blocks there has been a massive help.

So, am I getting any closer?



Erm, pretty hard to tell! These are the end positions that I want to work on (front splits and straddle) and those haven’t changed much in the course of a week. But I can say that the foundation stretches in that guide are getting deeper and easier, and so far, I’m really enjoying it!


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