Quest for Japan conclusion

Ok. So I have to admit that this quest has been an epic fail. Even with changing the goal posts I just haven’t seemed to get anywhere. I have a scrap book (which might be too small), some stickers, and a spreadsheet listing what I want on most of the pages. Basically, not even the prep work is finished. I think part of the reason is that unlike the RED quest there was no pressure to do anything regularly, the goal was pretty vague and only required completion at the end of the month. It made it really difficult to motivate myself to do it and if I come back to this goal I’ll have to adjust it to address those things I think.

However, in many other ways this month has been a success. I gave my ankle time to heal and managed a 10km run the other weekend with my mum and sister. I competed in my first ever pole dance competition as part of a fabulous group routine. I competed in the ju jitsu nationals, both kneeling and standing randori. And, I got my first not of assessed coursework back with really positive feedback.

Not to mention, I entered myself into my first solo pole dance competition, which is forming the basis for my next quest…



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