Quest for Japan part 2

It feels like this quest has hardly got off the ground! It’s been a crazy busy month though and I’m struggling to find time to do anything extra. On Saturday I competed in my first ever pole dancing competition (we got through, as a uni team, to the finals which take place next month), I haven’t got back to running yet but my ankle is feeling a lot better and I’m hoping to get a run in at some point before the end of this week. I have got back to jitsu which was pretty awesome.

But quest wise – the spreadsheet is looking a bit better, I have pretty much decided the topics for 43 of the 50 pages, which feels about right at this point cos I think I will want some spare for when I realise how little actually fits on a page. I have chosen the photos I was printed for just over half of the pages I have in mind. I should start doodling and practicing some of the kanji for the different cities because I’d like to include some Japanese in there too.

Lots to do! Very glad I’ve given myself an extra month where this one is concerned.


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