Quest for Japan part 1

Five days into February, and I realise I haven’t fully defined the terms of my new quest! I had initially hoped that maybe I’d have my scrapbook done by the end of the month, but that will require getting photos printed, and buying things like washi tape and markers and possibly a bigger scrapbook than the one I initially purchased, and unfortunately, I’ve just had to fork out rather a lot of money on my car 😦 So I think I may have to change the goal posts just a little from ending the month with the finished item, to simply aiming to have it fully planned, so that another month (when I have a little more spare cash) can be the month for putting it all together.

Like any good project, this one is starting with a spreadsheet! I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to put of each page, and which of the 900 odd photos I took I want to get printed.

February is turning out a lot more chilled so far than January, largely because I’ve been trying to rest my ankle. In fact today I’ve barely made it off the sofa – this is the only day where I don’t need to be anywhere else so I decided to enjoy a day of videogames (Dragon Age) and TV (No Offence), it’s actually quite dull tbh and I would rather get out a bit, but it’s only one day and I’m hoping it helps make sure my ankle is in good shape for the pole dancing competition next weekend! After that though I really want to start running again.


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