The RED Quest – Day 26

This isn’t fun any more.

I’m tired and injured but I can’t stop here, not when I’m so close.

I should focus on the good bits really, and there are good bits. On Monday I ran 12.7km, by far the longest I have ever run. I didn’t start out with the intention of a long run, was thinking something more around the 5-6k mark, was going to head towards the uni campus, do a lap, and take the long way back. That plan lasted about 5 minutes before I realised that I do the route to campus almost every day (often twice, once to get to work in the morning and then again as a run in the evening) and I was bored of it. So I turned the other way and headed for the woods! Not really woods, but a nature reserve that makes you almost forget you’re in the city. My friend and I have a couple of landmarks here; if you turn back when you get to the bend that’s about 5k by the time you’re home, if you turn back at the bridge you’re closer to 7k, but somehow I got there and just decided to keep going. It was nice, turned into more of an exploring mission than a run.

The issue I had is that by the time I got home my ankle was starting to ache. And it still is. Of course I haven’t rested it because I’m a plonker, I went to Jitsu that night because I felt like I’d missed too much. I made it through the whole two hour session but was feeling pretty stiff by the end. Now we’re 3 days later, and I’ve still been running every day, albeit much shorter runs, and it’s making me feel pretty miserable if I’m honest. Some of that is work stress, but honestly tonight I actually ended up crying both during and after my run not so much out of pain but from a combination of stress and frustration with myself, I’m getting dangerously close to RED being less of an achievement to be proud of and more of a stick to beat myself with. That could well be the exhaustion talking, so it might actually be a good thing that tonight my ankle is forcing me to take the night off from Jitsu (again), going to put some ice on it and do some drawing instead.

DRAWING! That’s a good thing! So, on Saturday a wonderfully talented friend organised a “drink and doodle” afternoon for people to sit and drink coffee together while making beautiful art work. I signed up to fill the space of utterly useless person who admires everyone else’s work because of their own complete lack of artistic ability. Well that was the intention, but I had to give it a go didn’t I? I haven’t produced anything noteworthy, but I am enjoying myself, so much so that I’ve ended up drawing every day since then (with a little inspiration from r/sketchdaily), which was actually going to be one of my quests at some point but clearly I’ve decided to get an early start.

As for the running, I am very keen for January to be over, I do want to keep up the running after the end of this month but I’m in desperate need of a proper rest. My Dad was reminding me the other day that “recovery is part of the program” but I cannot bear to throw in the towel so close to the finish line. Just 5 more runs to go, and so long as my ankle holds out I’ll be doing every one of them (just maybe not very far or fast!)

Run Every Day is a fund raising event for Mind – the mental health charity. I have finally achieved my goal of raising £100, but I’ve exceeded my mileage goal and I’m hoping you lovely people can help me exceed my fundraising goal to match! If you are willing and able to put some money in the pot then you can do so here.


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