The RED quest – unlucky for some

It’s day 13!!!

Man it’s been a weird week. I mean literally, smiles, tears, stress, wanting to hide in my room and never come out again, the whole lot.

So, let’s start with the bad and work our way up shall we? I have managed to completely burn myself out this week. See, if you read the info bit of this blog you may notice a reference to me wanting to do ALL THE THINGS, and this kind of applies ALL THE TIME! So when someone suggests we do a thing, my only thought is “am I doing something else at that time?” and if the answer is no then I go “Yeah! That sounds like fun! Let’s do it!” (with probably that many exclamation marks). What I generally don’t do is take into consideration all the other crap I might be doing that week. So this week, I started back at work, work is stressful because it’s not really work work, it’s placement for my uni course, which means I’m being asked to do new scary things and being assessed and worrying about if I’m doing the things right. Also work is about an hour away (total of about 30mins of walking and 30mins of sitting on a train), so I’ve switched from no alarm to a 6am alarm, and usually not getting back to my nice warm flat until 6pm.

Fitting that in with running every day already sounds like a bit of a pain. Buuuuuuuuuut, I have pole dancing to do! That was Monday and Tuesday evening, and then I’d already agreed with a friend to go rock climbing on Wednesday. These are all mega fun, but dear god my body was exhausted by Thursday. No breaks for me though, cos jitsu is on Thursday! …except what actually happened was I did my planned run for the evening, got to jitsu, literally got into the dojo and was ready to get changed and then something in me just yelled “NOPE! Cannot do this!”, so I made a swift exit, got back to the car, and burst into tears. After sitting there for a little while beating myself up over what I twat I was being, I finally realised my body was probably telling me something and got myself home and to bed for a nice early night.

That exhaustion kind of ran through to today as well, and by the time I’d finished a day of lectures at uni I was feeling utterly miserable and came home wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed and cry myself to sleep. However, with a bit of prodding and some reading of messages on the RED facebook group (love those people) I got my arse out the door (this is where we shift to the happy stuff). I decided to go easy on myself and plan a route with lots of possible early exits, and ran past every single one of them with a smile on my face. Ended up doing 5k! (well, 4.9). Honestly, I haven’t always found running to be a happy thing, but tonight was probably the most dramatic mood improvement I’ve experienced in I don’t know how long.

So, 13 days in, and not only have I run every day, I have actually enjoyed most of it. And just for some extra awesomeness, I have smashed the 50km mark and we’re not even half way through the month yet!

Run Every Day is a fund raising event for Mind – the mental health charity. My hope is to raise £100, if you are willing and able to put some money in the pot then you can do so here.


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