The RED quest – 1 week in

It’s been a long and interesting week.

So – RED wise, I have run every day! I set a personal best for 5km, and I’ve managed two runs of at least 6km. I’m hoping to start doing 10km runs by the end of the month.

Running in the second half of the week has been a bit harder than it was at the start. On Thursday I started on my new tattoo sleeve, I knew I wasn’t going be in a state to run after the tattoo (a full 8 hour day, minus a few breaks) so I got myself out the door at 6am for a quick jog round the block.

Have to admit I felt pretty smug about that, getting up super early in the morning like a real runner…what I didn’t anticipate was the knock on effect of the tattoo. I struggled to sleep both the night before (excitement) and the night after (pain). The day after, I napped on the sofa for several hours after uni before realising it was dark and if I didn’t get out now I was going to miss a day. I thought I’d take it easy with a short run, but picked a new route which involved a very steep hill, leading to less of a post run buzz, more of a post run death-like coughing fit.

On the plus side my arm is super pretty and it’s starting to settle down. I’m hoping to push myself for a longer distance today! Wish me luck!


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