The RED Quest – 3 days in

January 3rd and I’m pleased to announce that I have indeed managed 3 whole days of consecutive running!

Day 1 was a quick solo loop of the park back home, there was good intent for a 4-5 mile run with my completely bonkers ultra-marathon running mum, but well, Jan first is a day for long lie ins. I had made a spur of the moment decision on NYE that if I was going to get my uni work done on time I would need to cut the holiday early and head back to my own place to work without distraction, so I had to squeeze a run in among packing and goodbyes. Felt pretty good though  -Sage Francis makes an excellent “Fuck the doubt, I’m going to smash this!” running soundtrack.

Day 2 was definitely not a cheat, it was an excellent example of making things fit! As mentioned above, lots of uni work to kill (which is obviously why I’m procrastinating by writing this blog post) but also I had arrived back to a pretty empty flat and needed to stock up on some fresh veg. Two birds, one stone, jog the mile or so to Asda! I just barely managed to squeeze everything in to the backpack to get it home, it was not a comfortable run (but I did run it, the whole thing, I only walked in Asda cos I’m pretty sure they aren’t keen on people jogging up and down the aisles). On the plus side, shopping mid way through a run apparently makes me shop healthier – either that or my body is just screaming for anything that isn’t cheese after Xmas.

And today. I did not want to get up. At all. The only things on my to-do list were run and do uni work and neither of those felt appealing. But by recruiting a running buddy to brave the cold with me we managed a decent nearly 6k run! (My strava lied and said we only did 5.3, but the GPS glitched, it was 5.8).

I don’t actually plan on logging every run on here, that’s kind of what Strava is for, but I needed something to write to get me into the swing of keeping this blog.

Run Every Day is a fund raising event for Mind – the mental health charity. My hope is to raise £100, if you are willing and able to put some money in the pot then you can do so here.


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