The Quest List

OK, so 2017 is looming and I have this plan. Rather than doing one big “I’m going to be healthy and fit and awesome in the New Year” type resolution that is doomed to failure as soon as someone opens a bag of Sensations near me (seriously, those crisps are my kryptonite) I want to break it down into nice easy chunks. Twelve individual month long challenges to do something more/give something up/try something new etc etc. Hopefully all of them build towards some particular value or goal and just generally bring the version of me irl a little closer to the version of me I have in my head. The first quest is already set because I’ve decided to do Run Every Day and try to raise some money for Mind (donate here if you are so inclined). But my mind is already ticking for what the others might be, they don’t all need to be pre-set organised challenges, R.E.D just happens to be what sparked this off.

The expectation isn’t that all of these will grow into permanent daily practice, and that’s OK. My hope is just by working hard at them for a month, the things that genuinely make an improvement to my life will stick so I do them a bit more than I do now, and the ones that fall by the wayside, well at least I’ve tried!

Anyway, I’m going to put this list here as the first post and I can come back to it and reference it and build on it as I go!

  • Go vegan
  • Give up processed sugar
  • NaNoWriMo (November)
  • Doodle a day (to work on those drawing skills that I don’t have but would kind of like to have)
  • Song recording (probably couldn’t record a new song every day, but maybe if I said a song a week and none of them could be songs I already know – so I start the week picking a song, have a week to learn it, and then record it?)
  • Little acts of kindness (a compliment, a favour, giving money to charity, paying it forward)
  • Breakfast every day (this seems daft but I pretty much always miss the most important meal of the day, and if this is about building good habits then this is probably a decent place to start!)
  • Write a poem every day
  • Take a selfie every day (I pretty much hate how I look, and I respond to this by pretending not to care what I wear or bothering to put make up on, in actual fact, it drives me nuts. Maybe making the effort to look half decent for a selfie in the morning could build into a more self-caring type of attitude?)
  • Donation month (Pick something every day I don’t use any more and put it in the charity pile to be donated at the end of the month)
  • Give up alcohol (the official Cancer Research UK Dryathlon is done in January as a post xmas detox, but there’s no reason I can’t do it another month of the year)
  • Home cooked only! (no ordering in and no eating out!)
  • 30 day squat/press up/sit up/’insert exercise here’ challenge

Boom! Extra one jumped into my mind as I woke up the next morning – flute! I have a flute that I would love to play that I haven’t touched in a couple of years, seems like a month of really working at it would be a pretty good plan.


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